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Hunting Restrictions on Main Post


Hunting Licenses for Active Duty Military

Active members of armed forces reserves may qualify for a free hunting and fishing license. Active duty members of the military or US Coast Guard, and their dependents, who do not qualify as residents and who are permanently stationed in Alaska may obtain a special military hunting license at the resident rate. See ADFG hunting and fishing regulations for qualifications and application requirement.


For more information regarding hunting and firearms restrictions on Army land please refer to the Fort Wainwright Outdoor Recreation Supplement.




Transportation of Loaded Firearms Outside of Cantonment Areas

Privately owned weapons may be transported loaded (outside of cantonment areas) in motorized vehicles and watercraft. Magazines, clips, or revolver cylinders for these firearms may be loaded and/or contained within the weapon itself provided there is no round in the chamber or immediately behind the firing pin or hammer. This policy applies to all personnel on Fort Wainwright’s Tanana Flats Training Area, Yukon Training Area, and Donnelly Training Area lying east of Jarvis Creek, south of the creek’s intersection with 12 Mile crossing and all lands west of the Richardson Highway.  


Commercial guiding and outfitting (as defined by AS 08.54) is prohibited on all USAG Alaska managed lands. Persons wishing to provide commercial transportation for hunting, fishing, or other services on USAG Alaska managed land may apply for a land use permit through BLM and a letter of non-objection from the Garrison Commander.


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