Remember: Army training takes priority over recreation. Desired trapping areas may become off-limits or closed for training within the trapping season.

All State laws apply when trapping on USAG Alaska managed lands, including season and bag limits.  


How to Register:

*All traplines located on USAG Alaska managed lands must be registered with the Natural Resource Specialist

  1. Register for a Sikes Act Permit (SAP) if you do not have one.
  2. Sign into your iSportsman My Account and click on the ‘Acquire Permits’ tab again. Select the current Trapping Permit. Follow the prompts and check-out your cart.
  3. Call the Natural Resource Office: 907-361-9684


Trapping Liscense Requirements

You are required to have a trapping license if you are 18 years of age or older. See State of Alaska Trapping Regulations for license requirements.


*Please make sure you sign into iSportsman online or by phone before going out.


Technical issues: leave a message at 907-361-9684 or email: