Remember: Army training takes priority over recreation. Desired trapping areas may become off-limits or closed for training within the trapping season.

All State laws apply when trapping on USAG Alaska managed lands, including season and bag limits.  


How to Register:

*All traplines located on USAG Alaska managed lands must be registered with the Natural Resource Specialist

  1. Register for a Sikes Act Permit (SAP) if you do not have one.
  2. Sign into your iSportsman My Account and click on the ‘Acquire Permits’ tab again. Select Trapping Permit 2022-2023. Follow the prompts and check-out your cart.
  3. Call the Natural Resource Office: 907-361-9684


Trapping Liscense Requirements

You are required to have a trapping license if you are 18 years of age or older. See State of Alaska Trapping Regulations for license requirements.


  • Do not block trails; they are open to ALL recreational users.
  • Trap areas will have a sign placed in plain view at the head and on any branches of the trapline. The sign will have the following information: name of trapper and telephone contact number.
  • No trapper may have exclusive rights to any particular area.
  • Trap identification restrictions apply (see ADFG Trapping Regulations).
  • Main Post is closed to trapping except below the high water mark between the banks of the Chena River.  You must obtain a special trapping permit from ADFG to trap on the lower Chena River. This area is within GMU 20B, Fairbanks Management Area.
  • Remove all traps, associated equipment, and garbage from the field no later than 7 days after the close of season.
  • Spotlighting, use of artificial light, or shooting after dark is prohibited on Fort Wainwright Main Post and Fort Greely Main Post.
  • See ADFG Trapping Regulations.

*Please make sure you sign into iSportsman online or by phone before going out.


Technical issues: leave a message at 907-361-9684 or email: