This section applies to the operation of off-road recreational vehicles (ORV) on USAG Alaska managed lands. ORV and motorized watercraft regulations apply to all persons, civilian and military, operating ORVs and motorized watercraft on USAG Alaska managed lands. All ORVs and motorized watercraft will be operated in compliance with State of Alaska laws addressing registration, safety equipment, and pollution.


*Off-Road Recreational Vehicles (ORV) Trail Closure*


Off –Road Vehicle (ORV)

*ORV vehicles are defined as motorized vehicles primarily designated for operation over hard surfaces including frozen lakes and rivers. They include snowmobiles, dirt bikes, four-wheelers, swamp-buggies, civilian use small unit support vehicles, and four-wheel drive vehicles. ORVs are further defined into two classifications, those with a gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) of 1500 lbs. or less, and those over 1500 lbs GVWR. This is the dry weight + potential payload rating, not necessarily what the vehicle and cargo actually weigh at any given time, hence the term "gross vehicle weight rating"

ORVs must be registered with the Alaska Department of Motor Vehicles per Alaska AS28.39.010.


 Motorized Watercraft

*Motorized watercraft is defined as watercraft propelled by machinery. This includes any vessel temporarily or permanently equipped with a motor (e.g. riverboats, airboats, hydrofoils, personal watercraft). 


Off-Road Recreational Vehicle (ORV) and Motorized Watercraft Areas

All land and water areas will be closed to off-road recreational use by motorized off-road recreational vehicles except those areas and trails, which are determined suitable and specifically designated for ORV use as established by the USAG Alaska Integrated Natural Resources Management Plan.






Violations and Revocation of Privileges


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